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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Time to Innovate

Time to innovate (Public) 

Name: Quinn Osannus 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 3 

Subject: Autonomy I 


We recently ticked over to the 3rd cycle and we’re still debating over what’s the best direction for our field. Meanwhile, the others have long since had their shit together, they’ve set their pace and they’re starting to make strides. So, I’m done with the passive aggression and waiting for the once in a blue moon debate which goes the same way each time. Social relations have done a great job making everyone feel entitled but the divide in our field is and has been making us a complete joke. So, I’m not going to try and convince the people who are against my cybernetics plan any more. Instead, I’m going to start putting in twice the work to make sure that we actually start getting results. When I’m not on rotation in the mechanics labs, I plan on sacrificing my own spare time to continue my projects in innovation.  

I will be using this time to do what I’ve been recommended against doing up until this point, actually begin attempting to create cybernetic replacements for body parts using myself as the subject. Breathe your sigh of relief, I’m not going to go wacko on any of you and make you my guinea pigs. I’ll be asking the help of biology to go through the proper surgical procedures to safely remove my fleshy bits and from there my work will begin. Anyone from my own field is free to come and assist me, I reckon I’ll be needing the extra arms. That’s a joke, you can laugh. I cannot stress enough that you are allowed to laugh.  

Once I’ve actively proven the viability of cybernetics, I’ll be willing to carry out the procedures on anyone who’s willing. If I’m able to earn your trust then I will probably have to ask one of you to be a subject for the more necessary-to-live parts of the body. I can’t exactly do heart surgery on myself; it pains me to admit I’m not quite that good. I won’t ask anyone to do that for me without proof first, though. Once I have tough-as-metal thighs and biceps, then we can start thinking of the next stage. 

Thanks for your cooperation!