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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Waljan Legacy

Felix Waljan, the Demon Slayer, is a man who was assigned female at birth, born onto Monduta as the exception to its inescapable misery. His last name that of one of the few families to still have things such as fortune and status. He is the sole heir who would inherit all of it, though that is not all he would receive. Anyone would be satisfied just to have the right to some land in the first haven, said to be the last remaining piece of pristine land on this world, yet Felix has even more than that. He is one who can have any object, any person, and even the body he feels most comfortable in.  

An existence who never had to earn even a single thing. A man who doesn’t even have to ask and his desires will find their way to him, ever since his youngest days. A baby who never even had to cry because his wants always came right on time. Anyone would envy a life such as this, though it leaves Felix a dissatisfied man who never shows a hint of happiness or gratitude. A man who, just once, wishes to undertake risk to earn his reward. Yet, that risk never comes, even if he seeks it out it never quite reaches him. Even when went through the process of transitioning, it just so happened that new and more efficient ways to modify the body were discovered. What should have been a difficult process was entirely elucidated, yet still Felix could not muster appreciation.  

Appreciation is a reaction. It is the relief one feels when they have a good experience after having to go through a bad one. Because of the bad experience, they are able to grasp the worth of the good experience all the more. That bad experience is something which remains missing from the life of Felix Waljan. The supernatural entitlement he never asked for keeps it away from him, the curse acting like a blessing.  

“Why do people say ‘thank you’?” Felix once asked his parents back in his childhood days. As the heir to such an important family name he had of course been taught manners, though the words ‘thank you’ were incomprehensible to him. To him, they were just pointless words people said as a pleasantry. Without any bad in his life, Felix had only expectation where appreciation should form.  

His parents did attempt to teach him the concept. “It’s to show appreciation for what someone has done for you,” but that wasn’t satisfying for Felix. In fact, it was frustrating. So much so that the boy even attempted to destroy his own life.  

A look into the Waljan mansion reveals a beautifully carved structure of reinforced wood and magical enchantments. These enchantments offered the protection necessary for a material as weak as wood to continue thriving, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t offer enchanting aesthetics as well. Felix would only be born to the most elegant home in the world after all. The home had no lamps or lanterns for the wood walls themselves would emit immersive lights of all colors on their own. Perfectly, the colors would always match the mood of the young master Waljan.  

Though, the house was not a place full of functional furniture and mature decorations and paintings of all the great Waljans of old. It was a much more childish place, most of its rooms turned into playgrounds upon Felix’s birth. Toys and books and games which could entertain him for days, always found whenever he needed them. Even this got boring for him when he started to expect these things to find him. Even if he did enjoy what he found, he would loathe the fact that he did.  

There was one object in the household he was always aware of, however. An heirloom which he would often gaze upon, left on a shelf beyond the reach of his not yet matured body. It was never handed to him, it never happened to fall down, even when he felt the urge to hold it. It was the only thing in the mansion he had to strive and wait for, thus it enamored him for years upon years.  

“That is the blade of Naga,” his mother told him on the day it first caught his eye, when he was still but the age of 8, before he had even taken on the name Felix. “A weapon passed down in this family for generations, ever since the days of the Breach. Do you remember what you’ve been taught about that time?” 

Of course Felix did. He always knew the answer to any question he was asked. Sometimes it was because he was recently taught what he was asked about or maybe he just so happened to be thinking about the subject. Either way, he always had the response he needed so he would never have to feel stupid. “That’s when the demons first came to the planet.”  

“That’s right! My perfect little genius!” his mother exclaimed, softly cuddling Felix up into her arms. Such genuine praise, yet in the context of his life Felix always thought it to be condescending. “The blade was first forged back then, used by a hero to fight back against the demons who invaded our world. What really makes it special, though, is what happened after, during the age of survival.” 

Felix hadn’t learned about the age of survival yet, though he was interested in it, so it made sense that information about it would come to him in such a way.  

“After the demons tore apart the world so badly that we, its people, could barely survive any more. They started to make deals with us, giving people their thoughts and powers and in return those people would be able to survive the world the demons had created. Eventually, the demons’ influence grew to the point where we re-enacted the breach ourselves, bringing Monduta to an even worse state.” Felix’s mother gently stroked his hair, as if to comfort him, though Felix was not afraid. Then, she put her hands on his shoulders and turned him to face the blade of Naga again. “That’s when this blade resurfaced. Wielded by Fadyenka Waljan, the one who made our family revered, it was used to draw in the minds of the demons who had entered our people. The demons who were sealed in the blade still reside there to this day, their collective conscious known as ‘Naga’. The reason why no one tries to attack our family even now is because they know if they disturb the blade and Naga is freed then there truly would be no more hope for this world.” 

Felix’s mother finally let go of him fully and stood up. “That’s why you aren’t allowed to touch this blade. Yet. I’m sure one day you’ll be a hero as great as Fadyenka and, when you’re ready for that, the blade will be yours.”  

Regrettably, or perhaps not from Felix’s perspective, his parents would not be the ones to hand the blade of Naga to him. At the age of 14, he reached for the blade with his own will and used it to murder the both of them. The frustrations of them handing him everything, telling him everything, he wanted to break that somehow. He wanted to do something to ruin his own life and luck.  

It didn’t work.  

On that very same night, for the first time since the Waljan mansion was built, a thief came to the mansion with the intention of stealing the blade of Naga. They took the blade from Felix, only to be caught and charged with the murder of the boy’s parents. By the end of that night, Felix had the blade again and was left with the sole rights to the Waljan mansion and all of the family’s wealth. “I’m guilty! I’m the one who killed them!” he cried, though it was perceived by others as an attempt to shoulder the responsibility and not as a literal confession. Such a mature and respectable thing for a 14-year-old to do, from that perspective at least.  

After that time, various weapon masters visited the Waljan manner, each with some unlikely backstory and the will to teach Felix how to use the blade of Naga. Every time, he would turn these masters away, no matter how qualified they were. He was set on wanting to take his fate into his own hands instead of just being led across a guaranteed safe and perfect path his whole life.  

Nevertheless, he ends up here. A fighter with an impossibly perfect record, an echo of his family’s most idolized figure. A Demon Slayer, thought of as the one who will purify all who still make deals with the demons who brought Monduta to ruin. A great and heroic fate he is cursed to fulfil, no matter how much he gambles. Even if he’s never played the game, Slayer will come out on top over any pro or cheater with the right amount of beginner’s luck. That’s how, without any former training at all, Slayer has won every fight he’s been in. The only reason he keeps going is on the hope that there’s someone in the world whose skill can defeat his luck.