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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Well Acquainted

Well acquainted (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 2 

Subject: End of cycle report I 


Our first cycle has passed and I see no more suitable opportunity to summarize how we’ve progressed on the project thus far. This entry will provide a cursory summary of how each field’s primary projects have advanced as well as tracking how many of us are still alive. We’re a resource just like anything else, valuable in the sense that we can’t yet be reproduced. Thankfully, it seems most of us are sucking it up and are willing to play nice for now.  

On a whole, this first cycle was spent on learning how each of us handles work and exploring the possibilities for each field. Props to those in social relations for figuring out the lab rotations and assuring that everyone can do their thing smoothly, your masks are truly without cracks.  

Conditioning has set themselves on the path of studying what is now being referred to as ‘exotic matter’. While we still don’t have much knowledge of the finer details of it, several theories have been drafted up regarding how it might cause an end of the universe scenario. To put it in the simplest way for those in the other fields; more of it is good for us. Therefore, conditioning is now focused on replicating it and adding exponential amounts more of it to the existence around us.  

Those working in conditioning seem aligned in their way of thinking, a great example for the other fields. The ones in mechanics should take notes as that field is still divided on where their efforts should lie. Some of them are passionate about this idea of applying cybernetics to everyone aboard the craft while the rest argue that such a thing would just be wasting time they could be spending on projects which are more directly beneficial to our overarching goal. Except, what would be most beneficial to our goal would be if you got your heads out of your asses and actually worked on something productive. The head of your field has shown support for the development of cybernetics and in case of indecisiveness you should refer to them.  

Magic has undertaken the effort of attaining a deeper understanding of their subject, specifically why magic is compatible with some people but not others. We understand that magic is a state of matter, one which can incite sudden change in the other types of matter it interacts with. It’s alchemical in a sense, it can alter the properties of other matter or change it completely. Theoretically, no one should be incompatible with magic just in the sense of it interacting with them. We believe it’s something to do with how it interacts with the brain which allows certain individuals to actually wield it. However, even those who can wield it face hard limitations in interacting with the greater body of magic which exists in the matter around us. For example, one magic user can’t just cast a fire spell which ignites all of the magic in their world. That’s the hurdle we still have to overcome, until we do there is no spell with enough potency to end all things.  

Biology, a field collectively smart enough to take advice from the one assigned their head, is looking to explore a theoretical living life form which can feed off of all types of energy and matter. This includes the aforementioned magic and exotic matter being studied by the other fields. The theory is that this entity would be able to endlessly eat and grow until it’s all that’s left, at which point it will wither away, becoming the universe’s corpse. Taking a botanical approach, they’re still investigating the viability of using a form of plant life as the basis of this entity. A lot of plants out there to study so I hope they won’t get tired of the color green.  

The mobility labs have managed to uncover the devices Caradoc used to monitor the worlds we formerly lived on. An apparently efficient bunch, they’ve also determined that the method of transport was most likely a spell cast by our Arahant host. If it were a device then there would have had to have been one on our end, which the mobility crew have found no evidence of. Annoyingly, we can infer from this that he was alive when we were first brought here. Since it’s been a cycle and we haven’t seen him, though, it’s probably too late to show him how thankful we are for that welcoming party. Since the folks in magic have had their hands full, we’ve yet to replicate the spell, so mobility has taken to researching if a purely mechanical method could be viable.  

It would be odd to cover innovation here as direction is somewhat counterproductive to the point of that field. For those interested in what they’ve been up to, check the logs which have been written by their head. He’s very astute when it comes to responding to feedback so don’t hesitate to leave him messages if you need clarity on his work.  

Number of living crew members: 129