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Casual Villainry Excerpt – What Motivates

What Motivates (Private) 

Name: Ryker Caradoc 

Position: Founder of the End All project 

Cycle: 0 

Subject: My reason I 


If you are reading this message than you have successfully bypassed my security system, for which I will give you commendations. I spared no effort in making it as impenetrable and unforgiving as possible, thus in overcoming it you have surpassed my abilities in this regard. This is a good sign, it means you are as capable as I had hoped you’d be, a collective superior in mind to myself. Of course, you will have to be if you are to succeed where I failed. As a reward for your feat, I have prepared two messages which might prove helpful to your efforts.  

In this one, I will detail exactly what it was which drove me to beginning this project in the first place. Depending on how many cycles it took you to uncover this message, you may be facing burnout or a simple lack of inspiration. It is my hope that, in informing you where all of this began, your drive might be reignited, if such a thing is necessary. Frankly, there is some level of self-indulgence to this pointless reminiscence, but anything is worth attempting even once. That is the basis of science, we speak not with ‘common sense’ but with results.  

Furthermore, what greater result is there than one which ends all things? Such a breakthrough is the ultimate solution- the panacea to all ailments not just now but for eternity. Destruction of such scale leaves nothing behind to suffer or regret, it is not just a result, it is the result. Yet, despite that, it is ultimately pointless. Life has existed in this material plane for a long time, unnaturally long in fact. The most ancient of races who have already seen the deaths of worlds and galaxies seem to have existed since long before what we imagine to be probable. It could not be by chance that the conditions for a life-sustaining world could have been set from the very start.  

It is an intriguing topic, though my point is not to present the deeper mysteries of the universe. The fact of the matter is that, even though life has existed for so long, it will only exist for a fraction of this universe’s timespan. Eventually, the conditions for life will no longer exist and even those of magical disposition will be unable to adapt. All that will be left are frivolous flickers of lost light in an icy darkness until time itself becomes irrelevant.  

Why, then, would I or anyone be driven to draw the universe to a premature close? Why is it so important that I would draw in others to inherit and complete my work? The answer lies in the ultimate goal of my race, the Arahant. As detailed in the entry regarding the Arahant, we are considered to be one of if not the most developed race in this universe. We are not the oldest but there is a case to be made for us being the most intelligent, and with that intelligence we have achieved dominance over millions of galaxies.  

What the Arahant as a people seek is an objective truth. A way to erase all of existences flaws and achieve a state of true perfection. In their arrogance, they destroy everything which they deem to be a fault in the universe. Most notably, they perceive magic to be far too frivolous and free and have created a new form of magic-like matter named ‘null’ which serves the primary purpose of eradicating magic entirely. My own passions were deemed flaws in the eyes of my race and were systematically eradicated until I had nothing left. I was once infatuated with analysing the shortcomings of life which have existed since the times of those most ancient of races. Those flaws were, to me, precisely what made it worthwhile to exist in as a unique entity with my own name.  

Everyone who has been inside the Event Horizon has their own undying scorn. Mine is a hatred of my imperious race, whom I refuse to allow see the true end to this universe. I would rather see a dead universe than a perfect one, that is what motivates. However, my scorn shall fade with my dying breath, thus I urge you all to understand your own. Immerse yourself in it and allow spite to be victorious over that which feeds it. I chose two hundred among centillions to be brought to the Event Horizon and you are the only ones with the opportunity to truly satisfy your anger, do not allow this opportunity to go to waste.  

I thank you for your co-operation in this endeavour and wish you success in your experiments.